This week's guest is a duo. Many months ago my former boss adopted a very small black cat from outside her front door. She named her Newt. Newt is small and neat and not much bigger than a kitten but as she promptly began to swell, my boss realised she had rescued more than one life. Newt had four babies but perhaps because she was so young, only two survived. My boss adored them but she had had a cat before she adopted Newt and four cats was simply infeasible. The fiancé and I had been discussing getting a couple of kittens so while the timing wasn't quite perfect, it seemed right that we ask to have them. Today they arrived.
Settling in
by Morley and Satriani
Morley: I shall start because I always go first.

Satriani: Ok.

Morley: Moving house can be very daunting but always remember that experience is how you frame it. Jump out and explore immediately, life is waiting for you.

Satriani: But it's ok to look around and check cautiously as you exit. Foolhardiness can land you in trouble.

Morley: I could've got out of the chimney by myself. The people just pre-empted my by pulling me out and dusting me off.

Satriani: Personally, I don't see the appeal...

Morley: Well I'm not sure either but that's clearly where they're hiding the good stuff as they are so keen for me not to go up there!

Satriani: Your logic is sound. They are a bit odd these two.

Morley: They do seem as enthused about the feather thing as the last people though. I don't get the appeal myself, we just bat a bit of fluff on a piece of elastic and they're positively beside themselves.

Satriani: They seem harmless enough. There's good lap potential there once they calm down and get used to us.

Morley: Well I can't fault them on hospitality to date. There's the food we like and the giant sofa we're hiding behind is rather cosy.

Satriani: The cooing is a bit irritating though. We aren't tiny, we're huge now! They seem obsessed with us being babies but hello, we've left home already!

Morley: Tell me about it! It'll be strange without mum but frankly I'm ready to spread my wings and this house seems great.

Satriani: Can we just stay behind the sofa for a bit longer first?

Morley: Good plan. It is a little bit scary.
Morley is grey with white paws and bib and green eyes and Satriani is black with yellow eyes.

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