RSVPs and nobody at the party. Not that I can really pout too much but I've two people saying they're writing for this page and one touched but seemingly doing nothing about it. So no specific guest but hey, why let that stop me? Especially now the fiance and I have the internet again (it was down for 24 hours, we nearly died!). Anyway, there's a song that helped me move on from my ex by a band I think are just fabulous and so here's another Life Lesson blog (written as I'm sure you appreciate from a what not to do perspective).
Salesmen, cheats and liars
by my ex
The world is not a nice place and people are not on your side. Do not be complacent for man is selfish and ultimately there is nobody who would not sacrifice you in order to achieve their own goals. Even when things are going good be sure to hold something back and avoid being vulnerable. Some might say you are running with the self-fulfilling prophecy but don't buy it!

I know the only feeling you have is rage 
And I know that I'd feel the same as you, but 
I think you'd better take a good look around you 'cause 
You're so pissed you can't even find your drink 

Those that claim they're trying to help are merely projecting their own ideas onto you. Just because they've had their share of pain doesn't mean they won't inflict it as soon as you let them. Empathy is simply opportunism or loneliness that breeds desire for company at the bottom. Either way they'll drag you down.

Sometimes it's wise 
To know which way the gun is pointing 
Before you yell, "I see the whites of their eyes." 
Sometimes you'll find your senses all disjointed by 
The lines and wires of salesmen, cheats and liars 

If you let your guard down even one iota then people will trash all over you. You can think yourself in love even but you will either have your heart broken or settle for small scale casual cruelty. Set your strength from the beginning and keep them in their place. They are out to hurt you so subdue them. But even then, they'll leave you for the sake of causing pain.

Well she left, without one word of tenderness 
And noone saw you cry but me 
Your friends heard you say, "Good riddance, I'm better without her." but 
'Fess up, you thought about diving into the Don 

Trust in yourself. Hold your values and views. Adapting to experience is simply giving up and didn't you say all along people were out to screw you over. It's not pessimism, it's realism to assume the worst. You may get the rare positive that surprises you but you are never disappointed by life, simply prepared.

Sometimes it's wise 
To know which way the car is going 
Before you put your pedal down to the floor 
Sometimes you'll find your senses all disjointed by 
The lines and wires of salesmen, cheats and liars

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