I’ve deleted one post as it merely served to out myself further as a horrific snob. My neighbours on one side are nice enough but well... they’re just that bit noisy, that bit slack with regards to training their dogs or paying attention to their child.

The Olympic Torch passed through Gloucester this morning but I missed it in favour of attending my networking breakfast. I did get a bit excited that my youngest stepson brought home a torch he’d made at nursery. That was pretty cool.

I’m pretty occupied with the copywriting agency I’ve started and have been talking to accountants and business bank managers and a computer type person who can do something with servers. I’ve written a business plan and non-disclosure contracts and about a million emails. All of which leaves me a little empty on the creativity front.

I’m finding it hard to schedule time for my column as it feels in competition with other urgent stuff. Tomorrow I’m visiting a venue for a workshop tied to the agency and I’ve a seminar to write. That’s the stuff that will bring in money and help my business grow so I’m spinning with ideas for that.

Perhaps this phase is good for me. I need to carve time of blogging as it is one of the ways I unwind and get to explore new ideas. Just as from November I’m going to have to make the effort to find time for myself around the needs of a newborn.

Oh dear lord the neighbours drunk friend is yelling in their garden for them to watch him (they are ignoring him). Is it utterly evil to hope he injures himself sooner rather than later and they all decamp to A&E and leave me in peace. In all seriousness they have a giant trampoline, not the ideal partner for a drunk adult.

I think pregnancy is making me grumpier than usual. The heat certainly seems to be bothering me more than ever before. I did just have a little seethe at the neighbour on the other side (the polar opposite of the chavvy neighbours) for saying how she loved being pregnant. I’m not a fan of women who are good at it. It is proof of my bitchiness that my two closest friends weren’t great at it either (it’s also reassuring how much they’ve gone on to nevertheless take motherhood in their stride).

Whoops, I wasn’t going to talk about being pregnant.

Well it’s either that or my tax return; after all I had a lovely chat with my mortgage lender about interest paid for the financial year 2011-12.

I have a plan for my next column as at the weekend I’m planning to go to my first festival. It’s largely been my hatred of camping that has put me off in the past but Lechlade is local and seems a good way to get started. Then hopefully by next summer my business will be super successful and we can stay in a tepee or yurt at one of the big ones. For some inexplicable reason my stepsons’ mother likes taking them camping (truly, the eldest has flatulence that could be utilised as chemical warfare and no way would I be in a confined space with him) so that is a special thing they do with Mummy. Daddy and Kay do accommodation with proper beds, ensuite bathrooms and sockets to plug in fans to dissipate the smell of them.

So I shall be writing about music and local food and hopefully sunshine.

Not that I expect you to come back and read it.

5/27/2012 07:27:59 pm

Don't worry about the grumpiness. I don't think it's a pregnancy thing, more a getting older thing. Your tolerance for bad everything (grammar, spelling, punctuation, child-rearing, driving et al) will gradually reduce over the coming years.


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