Dear First Call Renewals Team,
You look forward to hearing from me? That seems a little strange considering how terrible your service is. Then again, perhaps it was an automated service and there was a possibility that I hadn’t required help at any time.
In July I was hit from behind by another driver. Not my fault in the slightest but my car was a write-off. Still, I had had the foresight to arrange cover. Yet when I called I was informed that this wasn’t First Cover’s problem and that I should try calling my insurance advisor in the event of an accident.
Fortunately Gloucestershire Police (who say you are an awful company for being so unhelpful by the way) were able to crowbar the back of the car off the wheels so it could be driven home.
Anyway I have learned my lesson and now have breakdown cover with the AA. I also let everyone I know that First Call have no interest in helping their members when they are victims of retards in BMWs.
Happy to help with the feedback I’m sure you send straight to delete.
With no particular regard,
Kathryn Ashcroft
12/13/2018 12:25:21 am

We have the same satisfaction. I love it when these business owners are asking for our feedback, there are so many things I can say towards them. This could be the perfect medium for us to express our frustration towards the service and bad treatment we get from their business. It's a good thing and I believe that all business entities should have this because they have staff who do not know the real meaning service. Through this way, they will know what their staff are doing!


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