The nightmare before Christmas is one of my favourite films. I love pretty much all of Tim Burton’s work but there’s something indescribably perfect about this film. I think Jack Skellington’s desire for more from life and Sally’s desire for recognition each undercut my own wants.

I’ve written before about how Burton’s take on the world and I was reminded of this today when someone responded to my woes over my house renovations by offering the phone number for Barratts. It highlighted to me that in opting out of an identikit life, the horror I described as Suburban Bliss, I opened myself up to greater trials. Oh and that I needed to get over myself and my spoilt brat attitude!

Still, at such times you need to cheer yourself up and I decided to focus on what the house will be like when it’s finished.

This means Christmas - as the deadline for the house being finished is our 10th December wedding where after a dinky ceremony and meal we’re having a truly epic house party. I love Christmas and it seemed a great time to get married/have our housewarming as not only is our house what the fiancé calls a “Christmas house” (stunning fireplace, bay window begging for a big tree etc etc)* but it means I won’t be spending money on decorations that’ll be used once. The plan is to bring out the things I’m buying now to use year after year.

I was thrilled to discover a thread on mumsnet for Christmas fanatics and have been perusing with a notebook by my side. Having had a few ideas for decorating the stair banister I pulled out my Christmas decorations to see what could be utilised and I found these:

I bought them years ago but never really put them out as my ex hated them. I think they got used last year (the fiancé loves the style of The nightmare before Christmas**) but I’ve always wanted to do something fabulous with them.

In case you’re wondering what I’m on about, I think the curl at the toe is reminiscent of the cliff Jack is standing on in the promotional poster.

So I have a project underway. With my paint swatches and some decorations I’m planning the first impression that’ll greet my guests in December. It’s tricky to picture it as the area is a mix of bare walls, walls painted with bond-it (a turquoise substance that provides a surface for plaster to adhere to) and plastered walls. The woodwork is battered and the carpet filthy. A wire hangs forlornly awaiting the wired in smoke detector system and a new bare bulb illuminates a previously dark corner, revealing uneven walls.

I already feel better. Tomorrow I’m going to get out of the house for a few hours with the decorations and look for fabric, ribbons and paint that I can use to build up a garland. I’ve ideas for the unit by the front door and the yet-to-be-purchased (which could make it tricky) pendant lights.

I want to reconnect with my dreams for this house and our wedding and try to see beyond what feels like a nightmare.

* And he isn’t really a Christmas person. Or at least he wasn’t...

** Or at least says this (possibly to make me happy).

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