Well that’s a new word. I honestly don’t think I have ever uttered it before and am certain that’s the first time I’ve typed it.

I’m rather proud of myself and am taking it as my win for the day. I’m exhausted and in rather a lot of discomfort. I got up from the sofa to be hit with a new wave of pelvic pain yet gripping the mantelpiece did not swear in front of the kids.

I fear what constitutes an achievement is diminishing by the day. And on that note, this will suffice for this week’s column.

9/16/2018 01:09:41 am

That's a good thing that you came up with a new word that you can be be proud of. If you will submit it to Webster, then this might be considered to be a legit word and everyone will acknowledge it. I just don't know if it's possible of not. By the way, how are you so far? I missed you here in the world of blogging! it's been months since the last time you wrote an article that I've read so it was so refreshing for me to see you here.


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