My Birthday falls on a Thursday this year which means I need to get my column written pronto so that I can be ready for lunch and shopping with my mum before cake with the stepkids then cocktails to warm us up for a shoulder of pork that will have roasted for 24 hours.

I woke up with a smile on my face which is very different from six years ago. I hated turning 23. I felt like was passing me by and I had no idea how to change it. Now I’m looking forward to the final year of my twenties with my milestone 30th next year. Of course I’m suddenly aware that I’ve a great number of items left to do before then.

Since June last year when I published my 30-before-30  list, I have only ticked a few things off. I got a tattoo and have bought a corset (that I’m wearing right now), I have been to the Opera and I have lit a proper fire and cooked over it. That leaves 11 items still to do which is roughly one a month. It’s doable and I’m determined to complete my list, not least because then I can start one for by the time I’m 40. My next list will (I think to think) be a more mature list than the one created for my twenties, less focused on things to boast about and more rooted in authenticity.

Well that and no doubt a target to tightlace down to! What’s interesting about corsetry is that immediately you have two waist measurements, what you are naturally and what you can lace down to. My natural waist is currently 30 inches and I’m laced down to 28. I want to wear my corset all day and as I’m still pretty new to it I thought I’d not take it too tight but I’ve been down to 27.

I absolutely love it. Not only is it like a tight hug, I feel so much more ladylike. Already I’ve had to move from the sofa to the dining table to write as I absolutely can’t slouch. My posture alone takes inches off even before you start with the steel and satin.

I like lists at the best of times but what’s best about lists such as these are that you move out of your comfort zone. Getting my tattoo is one of the best things I’ve ever done. I’m glad I waited and got a design so perfect and personal but I also needed a push to make it happen. Similarly with the Opera; I liked the idea of going but probably wouldn’t have done anything about it had I not committed the idea to my list.

Now I’m left with just twelve months, I’d better get organised. I think I know what September’s tick will be; Take a photo worth framing on a large canvas and hang it in my home. I took some (I think) lovely photos on my recent trip to Turkey and rather than procrastinate forever, will get one blown up. My issue is doubt at the standard of my work but I can always change it if/when I get better. Nothing is set in stone.

But for now I’m just going to enjoy my day.

9/15/2011 11:56:11 pm

Happy Birthday. Have fun.


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