Crikey, it’s Thursday!

I don’t know how I forget. I have a very fluid week now I’m self employed and can often be found working on a Sunday afternoon then drinking coffee with a girlfriend on a Wednesday morning yet there is one regimented day in my week, Thursday.

For over two years I have been a stepmother and the one night the boys are always with us is Thursday. Since February I have attended a weekly business breakfast on a Thursday. Every week my alarm goes off at six am to start the one day that changes little in its routine.

It’s 7.20 and I have no topic. I used to talk about my week but that is now so full of work stuff and baby stuff that there isn’t time for much else. I’m happy the weather seems to finally be improving but that’s hardly the stuff of more than a sentence of small talk.

The husband and I have made pretty good progress through watching all the Bond films in release order. We recently watched Goldeneye. Wild times people, wild times.

There’s a saying... well... there was something concocted by a marketing bod that goes along the lines of those that don’t have time to spa are those that need it the most. I think the lack of material to inspire me is an indication of the need to go out and be inspired.

I actually have a project in the pipeline for the summer holidays. I’m taking care of my stepsons on Thursdays and the eldest on Fridays (later to be joined by the youngest who is serving his notice at playgroup) so there’s plenty of time to fill.

We’re going to make a time capsule.

Life is about to change dramatically for all of us when the bump becomes a baby and I want to capture our family as it is now. I’m also interested in the wider idea of what the future holds and want the boys to draw the cars they may one day drive. I found a video a while back of the youngest playing row-row (basically doing the actions to Row Row Row Your Boat) with the husband. I could hardly believe he’d been so little.

I think it’ll be amazing to have a box full of captured memories to enjoy one day in the future.

I also think it’ll help me slow down and reflect on where we are instead of rushing forward. Because I am a little impatient. I’m not great at being pregnant. In fact I find it really hard work. I felt the baby move pretty early for a first pregnancy and it’s like River Dance on my bladder. It can be tough to enjoy something that you find challenging but it is a special time and I must. Similarly, taking care of the boys while juggling work needs to be appreciated. I have the opportunity to spend time with them in a way their dad can’t, I need to enjoy it and remember how lucky I am.

It’s all too easy to forget to live in the present but our time capsule will focus that.

And on that note I’m retiring at only half a column through. I’m tired and I have another busy day tomorrow so I’m going to go and talk to the husband because if Riverdancer is anywhere near as vocal as he (yes, it’s a boy) is active, I doubt I’ll get a word in in a few months time!

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