Bleugh! I’m ill and am getting thoroughly sick of it. A lot of it is my fault as I’ve not really allowed myself time to get better. It’s just a cold I kept saying and then kept going to work and going out. It has now been more than a fortnight. Anyway, nobody wants to hear about that but what to write about when I just want to crawl up on the sofa, drink tea and watch old episodes of CSI?  

Facebook threw up the answer with an update from the SITS Girls. In a post on blogging I read “List posts are also notoriously easier to write, when compared to a long, essay-style post.” Well that was a start, I’d write a list. But what about? I’m a big list maker but I doubt my shopping lists and to do lists would be terribly interesting. Actually they possibly would but given my absurd levels of expectation as to what I ought to achieve, they’d probably get me sectioned!   

So I’m writing a top ten list of ten somewhat akin to kid’s books. Don’t know what I mean? Neither do I so I’ll just start (look I said I was sick!).   

One fireplace 
The heart of our home and one of the reasons we bought this house. When we first viewed the house I thought “oh I was sure they said it had a gas fire” so realistic are the coals/how gullible I am (delete as deemed appropriate). Just the other day I noticed that the brass swirly things were angel type characters rather like mermaids on ships. I keep noticing more things about it and look forward to dressing it at Christmas.
Two fridges 
We have a regular fridge and what we call Party Fridge. It started with the old house which came with a fridge but I had one already. We put it in the garage and decided it may as well be plugged in. Party Fridge currently contains white wine, rose, beer, cider, four different canned soft drinks, amazing lemonade and some apple juice. It used to seem so decadent, now it just seems sensible to have an entire fridge of nothing but chilled drinks.   

Three screens 
The fiancé has a triple monitor system. This doesn’t particularly bother me although we partly bought the house because it had a dinky study just off the living room where two of the three will be moving to. There are lots of cool things planned for our house and I see the huge quantities of black plastic as a reasonable trade off.   

Four guitars 
Not true. There are three guitars (2 electric, one acoustic) and a bass but I looked at them for several minutes just now trying to remember which wasn’t a guitar until I remembered it was the one with only four strings. Needless to say, the fiancé is the musician not me!
(The fiancé is playing one as I write this)
Five types of sugar 
In case you’re interested they are Caster Sugar, Golden Caster Sugar, Soft Light Brown Sugar, Soft Dark Brown Sugar and Icing Sugar. I like to bake.   

Six dining chairs 
There are only six dining chairs but we are a household that likes a gathering. Last weekend we seated nine people by adding a dressing table stool, my mum’s breastfeeding chair and a beautiful odd chair that I put with my writing desk and which looks lovely. For Easter we borrowed chairs but also brought them in from the garden.   

Seven buds to the light fitting 
Five made it to petals, two are suspended in a perpetual vinegar stroke of flowering. Gross gross gross!
Eight places to sleep 
In addition to our (double) bed and each of the boys’ beds, we have a single bed, an inflatable double bed and a travel cot. We hope to add a double bedroom (in the attic) by the end of the year. Following on from party fridge and the expandable dining situation, I like having people to stay. I like sitting at the table for breakfast. The fiancé and I rarely bother (although the boys always eat their meals at the table) but when we have guests we make an effort.   

Nine metres by three metres 
The gazebo we’ve bought to extend our house into the garden for our wedding in December. See also 26 metres of fabric and one lunatic woman planning to make that into lining curtains.   

Ten household appliances used on a weekly basis
-       Kettle 
-       Espresso Machine 
-       Coffee Grinder 
-       Oven 
-       Fridge 
-       Freezer 
-       Party Fridge 
-       Washing Machine 
-       Tumble Dryer 
-       Dishwasher 
Notably not a microwave (we have one but it has been used twice since we moved in) or toaster (used fairly often but generally only the boys eat toast and that tends to be fortnightly). I used to see these as standard items and saw espresso machines as akin to icecream makers in the practicality stakes.
1/11/2019 03:27:08 pm

At first, I was wondering what the article is all about. I was a bit confused with the message of the post because it's quite long. But when I realized that it has something to do with the things that you can use while you are at home, that's the tie I saw its importance. Sometimes, we don't need huge house. As long as all necessary things are there and those stuff can make you happy, then I will be fine with it! I guess, other people should feel the same thing too!


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